About the podcast

On the show, I interview guests who have misophonia. On rare occasion, the guest is a doctor, researcher, or other professional. But primarily, these are one-on-one, casual conversations about living with this condition. There have been a diverse variety of guests from high school students to folks who have had misophonia for 60+ years. I've spoken to people from all over the world. And many guests are speaking to someone about misophonia for the very first time.

The Host

My name's Adeel Ahmad and I have misophonia. Like many others, I've noticed symptoms since around junior high school, and only realized it had a name around 2010.


At one of the misophonia conventions, I realized that one of the best parts of the event are the one-on-one and small group discussions that organically take place in the lobbies, bars, and hallways. These are the times when we really learn how similar our life experiences and challenges with misophonia have been. Online, much of the discussion about misophonia ends up being very short-form rants and comments about triggers. Many of the articles or podcast episodes by non-misophones end up being very basic, or describe triggers to the point of being triggers. There has never been a place to go deep about our shared experience with one misophonia at a time.