Family accommodations, coping skills, neuroscience, epigenetics, evolution, sensory disorders, research and more with a miso pioneer.

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North Carolina artist, marriage, art, yoga, mind and body, medication.

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Working on boats, family mental illness, self-medication, airplanes and more.

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Mental health awareness in Bulgaria, hybrid work, triggers from children and family.

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Misophonia PhD student talking mimicry, misokinesia, advocacy and research.

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Living with miso for 60 years, neurodivergent, family life, meditation.

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Canadian writer/broadcaster/advocate with new ebook on his mental health journey, including misophonia.

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US vet, pandemic, self-medicating, Tom Dozier, life in the military.

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Massage therapist and herbalist, family relationships, Loop earplugs and plant medicine.

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Middle school to high school, miso advocacy, finding solutions as a family.

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Musician and educator whose important work is focused on protecting animals and the planet.

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Psychology grad student and misophonia advocate.

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Glasgow-based composer, migraines, creative outlets.

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Empathy, stressful childhood experiences, not being taken seriously by family.

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Educator in NY state, family members with miso, difficult upbringing, miso poetry.

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