Son of Dr. Marsha Johnson, traveler, blogger.

S6 E345/19/2023

Part 2: brainspotting, IFS, legacy burdens, HSP, rage drives, energy healers.

S6 E335/8/2023

LMFT and 'ex-misophone' talks trauma, IFS, brainspotting and being sober.

S6 E325/3/2023

Music therapy, comorbid conditions, temper tamptrums in a stable, happy home

S6 E314/13/2023

Kenyan college student, misophonia in Africa, family of misophones, ADHD, and staying positive.

S6 E303/30/2023

Shamanism, meditation, psychedelics, indigenous plant medicine, neuroplasticity, past life healing, root chakra, sound healing...

S6 E293/21/2023

Nurse in Albert, Canada with misophonia over 50 years. Dysregulation, epigenetics, coregulation, EMDR and a misophonia poem.

S6 E283/13/2023

Content-creator made a misophonia video5 years ago, talks miso, ADHD, anxiety, meds, ASMR, family, dating and more.

S6 E273/2/2023

Misophonia and OCD, growing up with a tough-love dad, having a supportive wife and advocating for himself at work.

S6 E262/23/2023

British-Ghanaian novelist on racism, escape, writing, journaling, and wrestling with religion

S6 E252/17/2023

Teenager and singer-songwriter in Manchester. Also, anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, bullying, medication.

S6 E242/8/2023

Misophonia therapist using his program EASE (Experiential Acceptance and Stimulus)

S6 E232/2/2023

Cannabis products, OCD, childhood struggles, and recently opening up to parents.

S6 E221/26/2023

Artist and puppeteer behind the short film Misophonia. We talk childhood abuse, marriage, libraries, art, and a lot more.

S6 E211/19/2023

Tormented by her therapist mother, gaslighting, getting an office job, talking to her fiancé.

S6 E201/12/2023

GRAMMY award-winning singer-songwriter with kids who also have misophonia, hormones, music-making, holiday plans, misophonia grief...

S6 E191/5/2023

Licensed therapist with misophonia, destructive effect on family relationships, alexithymia, unwanted arousal, physically attacking a friend...

S6 E1812/31/2022

Freelance graphic designer in Florida. Relationships, being triggered on purpose, medication, and the wedge between herself and family.

S6 E1712/14/2022

High school sophomore's miso got a lot worse over the summer and has now returned to school.

S6 E1612/8/2022

Art student in Australia, OCD, positive ASMR, misophonia grief, and trauma.

S6 E1512/2/2022

Eric is an artist who grew up with caring but alcohol abusing parents, who also had serious mental illness.

S6 E1411/25/2022

Admin of the popular Facebook group Misophonia Treatment Tracker has been pursuing treatments for over 40 years.

S6 E1311/9/2022

Foos stylist and prop assistant in Los Angeles. Dealing with relationships, partners, roomates, friends...

S6 E1211/3/2022

Entertainment lawyer in NY more triggered by machine-related sounds.

S6 E1110/29/2022

Therapist with misophonia and child with misophonia, HSP, nervous system, and many theories and coping methods

S6 E1010/14/2022

20-year old misophone also diagnosed with autism.

S6 E910/10/2022

Avant-garde composer who incorporates triggers in his music, discusses turmoil growing up in Chile while his misophonia developed.

S6 E810/2/2022

Licensed therapist with misophonia, providing traditional and Christian faith-based counseling

S6 E79/21/2022

Practically ostracized from his family at a very young age decades ago, and being triggered on purpose by his parents.

S6 E69/10/2022

The damage misophonia can have o family relationships and reflecting on it after decades.

S6 E58/8/2022

Neuroscience grad has been resilient in the face of life-long challenges and push back to her misophonia.

S6 E47/31/2022

College student studying neuroscience to try to make on impact on misophonia.

S6 E37/22/2022

New mom in Baltimore, Catholic guilt, shame, and needing to be orderly.

S6 E27/18/2022

LA-based misophonia therapist who doesn't have it, but entire family does.

S6 E17/6/2022