S7 E19 - 12/15/2023

S7E19 - Carolyn


In this conversation, Carolyn shares her experiences living with misophonia and offers insights into coping strategies and managing triggers in various environments. She emphasizes the importance of normalizing misophonia and open communication in intimate relationships. Carolyn also highlights the benefits of nature and sensory grounding techniques for finding relief. The conversation touches on the impact of stress on misophonia and the challenges of living in an RV with the condition. 


  • Misophonia stories need to be shared and normalized to raise awareness and understanding.
  • Coping strategies like mental mantras and sensory grounding techniques can help manage misophonia triggers.
  • Open communication is crucial in intimate relationships to navigate misophonia triggers.
  • Nature and outdoor environments can provide relief from misophonia triggers.
  • Stress levels can impact the intensity of misophonia triggers.
  • Living in an RV can present unique challenges for individuals with misophonia.