S7 E20 - 12/21/2023

S7E20 - Shaylynn (Misophonia International)

Shaylynn shares her misophonia origin story and how her triggers developed over time. She discusses the impact of misophonia on her school life and the accommodations she received. Shaylynn emphasizes the importance of supportive friends and family in coping with misophonia. She talks about her journey as a misophonia advocate and her involvement with Misophonia International and the Research Network. Shaylynn also discusses her plans for starting a nonprofit and the projects she has in mind. She highlights the need for more research on misophonia and the importance of setting boundaries and seeking professional help. In this conversation, Shaylynn discusses cultural differences in acceptance of misophonia, the relationship between sensory processing disorder (SPD) and misophonia, challenges in SPD advocacy, the fascination with misophonia, research discrepancies between SPD and misophonia, the role of research in misophonia and SPD, the International Misophonia Foundation, promising therapies for misophonia, Shaylynn's non-misophonia projects, family history of sensitivities, the controversy surrounding the DSM, and final thoughts and advice.