S6 E29 - 3/21/2023

S6E29 - Paige

Paige is a holistic, integrative healer and founder of the Warrior Sanctuary, while also holding a day job at a tech startup. We talk shamanism, meditation, psychedelics and indigenous plant medicine, neuroplasticity, past life healing, root chakra, sound healing, plus her own life story of adverse childhood experiences, a relatively recent concussion, and the emotional impact that hearing the stories on this podcast had on her. Here are some links from the show!

Warrior Sanctuary -
Music Playlists -
Handpan Meditation Playlist (soothing)
Shamanic Drumming (7.83hz healing frequency- more for intentional meditation for journeying inward, introspective)
Shamanic Drumming, more tribal
Book for working with Psychedelics -
Consciousness Medicines


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