S7 E23 - 1/19/2024

S7E23 - Liz G. 2

This week I’m talking to Liz who was actually a guest back in season 5. We catch up and she shares how her misophonia is triggered by repetitive sounds and how it has affected her interactions with others. Liz also talks about her son's autism and how his sensory processing disorder differs from her misophonia. The conversation explores the evolutionary aspect of misophonia and the need for a shift in societal understanding and support for neurodivergent individuals. She discusses her use of humor as a coping mechanism for misophonia. She shares stories of unusual encounters and stupid situations that have occurred throughout her life. Liz also talks about her love life and relationships, including the challenges she faces due to misophonia. She discusses her coping methods, such as listening to music, and the paranoia she developed during postpartum depression. Liz also mentions her comorbid condition of migraines and the lack of awareness and connections she has found with other misophonia sufferers. Lastly, she discusses the challenges of accessing appropriate therapies for her son's autism.