S4 E6 - 4/14/2021

Dr. Zach Rosenthal

Dr. Rosenthal is the director of the Duke Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation. This is one of the leading groups studying misophonia, doing numerous research projects, providing education and also dealing with patients in a clinical setting. Dr. Rosenthal was one of the authors of the paper released last week discussing a consensus definition for misophonia.  We talk about the paper plus the DSM-5, the history of the Duke Center, how they approach research, and information on a lot of exciting research finally happening to study this thing.
TW: I forgot to mention in my preamble that there is a sniffing sound made at about an hour and ten minutes in. It&aposs on the context of explaining some exciting research, but apologies in advance if it triggers anyone! 

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