S7 E18 - 12/8/2023

S7E18 - Victoria L.

In this conversation, Victoria, a lecturer and misophonic individual, shares her experiences with misophonia. She discusses her childhood experiences and the impact of certain triggers, such as chewing, clocks ticking, and water sounds. Victoria also talks about the challenges she faces as a lecturer and how she copes with misophonic triggers in the classroom. She reflects on the cultural differences in accepting eating in classrooms and the potential genetic component of misophonia. Victoria also shares her experiences with bullying and the coping methods she developed. In this conversation, Victoria and Adeel discuss coping methods for dealing with misophonia, including journaling and embracing authenticity. They also explore the physical symptoms and stress associated with misophonia, as well as how it affects adult life and relationships. Victoria shares her experiences of speaking up about misophonia and the reactions she has received. They discuss the connection between misophonia and other sensory sensitivities, as well as the importance of calming the nervous system. Finally, they touch on the potential for qualitative data to contribute to a better understanding of misophonia.