S7 E21 - 1/3/2024

S7E21 - Dan

Dan Shay, a visual artist, discusses his experience with misophonia and how it has impacted his daily life and relationships. He shares his journey of discovering misophonia and the challenges he faced in explaining it to others. Dan talks about his coping mechanisms, including the use of earplugs and meditation apps. He also explores the potential of using art to raise awareness about misophonia and the intersection of art and technology in expressing the condition. Overall, Dan emphasizes the importance of understanding and support from friends and family in managing misophonia. In this conversation, Dan Shay discusses his future projects and the role of art as a reflection of the world. He talks about exhibiting his work in various locations and the accessibility of sharing art online. Dan also shares his coping mechanisms and the importance of control in managing misophonia. He highlights the significance of creating circumstances for comfort and the support he has received from others. Additionally, he mentions his involvement with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and reflects on the challenges of technology in understanding misophonia.



  • Misophonia can have a significant impact on daily life and relationships.
  • Coping mechanisms such as earplugs and meditation apps can help manage misophonia triggers.
  • Art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about misophonia and expressing the condition.
  • Understanding and support from friends and family are crucial in navigating the challenges of misophonia. Art can create space for reflection on how we see the world and how it affects us.
  • Sharing art online can make it more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Coping mechanisms and control can help manage misophonia.
  • Creating circumstances for comfort is important in dealing with misophonia.
  • Support from others can make a significant difference in managing misophonia.
  • The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival is a valuable platform for raising awareness.
  • Technology can sometimes contribute to the misunderstanding of misophonia.