S7 E3 - 6/28/2023

S7E3 - Freya and Mabel

Freya and Mabel are two grad students at the University of Bristol, who did their final project on human-centered design practices to help cope with misophonia. There's a link below to the book they are making freely available which is a toolkit for incorporating misophonia-awareness into any design process. We also talk a bit about Freya’s experience having misophonia, and Mabel’s interest in misophonia, as someone who does not actually have it. This is a super interesting approach to studying misophonia and comes from the angle of how can the world innovate to better accommodate people with misophonia, rather than the usual research focus which seems to be around changing the person with misophonia.

The Novel Condition book 
Freya on LinkedIn 
Mabel on LinkedIn 


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